Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts in 2022 for the Mom Who ‘Doesn’t Need Anything’

Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts in 2022 for the Mom Who ‘Doesn’t Need Anything’

Mark your calendars! Mother’s Day in the US is on Sunday, May 8, 2022. (Pro tip: Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May.) Remembering the right day is one thing – picking out the perfect gift for the number one woman in your life is another. What do you get the most important person in your life? How can one gift possibly sum up how you feel about your mama?

If you’re stumped for Mother’s Day gifts this year, read on for our top picks to impress the mom who always says “oh, honey, I don’t need anything.”

1. For the mom carrying the weight of the world

The last couple of years have been hard – but especially for parents. Moms keep the world going and carry heavy loads every day. Treat yours to a massage (or a package of massages). A massage can help reduce stress and release tension, boost energy and circulation and relieve pain and muscle soreness. Plus, it gives her at least an hour to herself.

Tip: Support small businesses by searching for a licensed massage therapist in your neighborhood. Bonus points if it’s also a woman-owned business!

2. For the mom who could use a break

Give mom some time away to herself. Whether it’s a night in a hotel, a weekend at a nearby lake or a week at a resort, she deserves time to rest and recharge. Just make sure that things at home are taken care of while she’s away, so she doesn’t come home to more work than she left.

Tip: When mom takes a break, it sets an example for everyone that self-care isn’t selfish. We all deserve to rest before we crash and burn.

3. For the mom who could use some energy support*

For the mom who’s burning the candle at both ends, we created the NuTraditions Gift Box ($99.95). It gives her everything she needs to fight fatigue with more than just caffeine – and help her get the rest she needs at night.* Each gift set includes:

An assortment of our Good Morning Sunshine™ coffee pods (20). They’re filled with our super-premium, Fair Trade coffee infused with organic red ginseng extract to help Mom energize her morning and fight fatigue during the afternoon slump.*

Hello Dreams™ Sleep Strips (10) that deliver the perfect dose of Melatonin and our Calm Down™ herb blend to help mom fall asleep and stay asleep for more energized tomorrows.*

Our NuTraditions Sleep Mask made from 100% mulberry silk. It’s soft, soothing and blocks out the light to help her get that deep sleep she needs.

Tip: The gift set also includes a coupon for mom to enjoy 30% off your next order of NuTraditions products. Consider setting her up with a subscription so she never runs out!

4. For the mom who “has everything she needs”

She gave you life. Raised you. Made you who you are today. But when you ask her how you can treat her, she demurs. It’s relatable – especially when mom is a minimalist or starting to downsize. Instead of a “thing,” give mom the gift of time. Maybe it’s an afternoon together at her favorite museum, a movie marathon like you did on rainy days as a kid or some help in her beloved garden.

Tip: If you can’t be there in person, consider a donation in her name to a cause she believes in.

5. For the mom who’s always on the go

For a lot of us, our cars are a mobile command center, a home away from home. From commuting to the office (again) to hauling our little ones to all those soccer practices and flute lessons, mom’s car is well-loved. While we might not be able to give her the gift of more time (or less traffic), we can give Mom a clean car and gifts that make that time more enjoyable.

Start by getting her car detailed, then add on some gifts just for her: A new coffee tumbler so her Good Morning Sunshine™ coffee + adaptogens stays piping hot. A DIPTYQUE car diffuser to make her car smell like a spa. Or a subscription to Audible so she can listen to all the books she wishes she had more time to read.

Tip: Book mom a regular appointment to get her car detailed, so she never has to worry about cleaning up crumbs or dog hair!