Good Morning Sunshine™ - Guatemala

Enjoy Good Morning Sunshine™ with most Keurig® K-Kup®-compatible brewers. 
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Every pod delivers all the benefits of red ginseng. Savor your daily cup for the span of a few weeks to feel its adaptogenic effects.*

We combine our proprietary organic red ginseng extract with delicious, single-origin coffee that's both Fair Trade and Certified Organic. This combination helps you naturally power through your day and better handle all that life throws your way.*

Nutty with hints of caramel, this bright brew is complemented by red ginseng’s floral, spicy finish.

Fight fatigue with more than just caffeine, to experience sustained energy and stress less.* Red ginseng is traditionally used to fight fatigue by supporting healthy energy levels while nurturing the mind, body and spirit from the impacts of daily stress.*

Load 1 pod into your Keurig® K-Kup® Brewer, selecting the 8-oz. option. Place a mug below the spout and brew. Enjoy as-is or add organic milk and sugar. Savor a cup daily for weeks to feel its adaptogenic effects.*

Let the capsule cool. Carefully peel off the foil lid and remove the coffee grounds. Compost the grounds, and recycle the capsule wherever #5 recyclables are accepted. Each 10-pack of pods is housed in a 75% post-consumer waste cardboard box, easily recycled wherever cardboard is accepted.

Meet the Ingredients in
Good Morning Sunshine™

We only use Certified Organic, Fair Trade single-origin coffee, to deliver caffeine for the energy you crave.**
Red ginseng is a revered herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s also an adaptogen, meaning it supports the body’s natural stress response.*

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