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Coffee infused with red ginseng extract
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(10 pods per box)
Fight fatigue, experience sustained energy, and stress less with each cup of Good Morning Sunshine coffee infused with organic red ginseng extract. We combine our proprietary organic red ginseng extract with organic, fair-trade, delectable coffee to help you naturally power through your day and better handle all that life throws your way. The wisdom in every pod is informed by centuries of herbal knowledge powered by modern technologies. Savor a cup daily for weeks to feel its adaptogenic effects. Enjoy our smooth brews with most Keurig® K-Kup®-compatible brewers.


Nutty with hints of caramel, this bright brew is complemented by ginseng’s floral, spicy finish.


Fight fatigue, experience sustained energy, and stress less. Red ginseng is traditionally used to fight fatigue by supporting healthy energy levels while nurturing the mind, body, and spirit from the impacts of daily stress.


Organic coffee and organic red ginseng root extract.


Load 1 pod into your Keurig® K-Kup® Brewer, selecting the 8-oz. option. Place a mug below the spout and brew. Enjoy as is or add organic milk and sugar. Savor a cup daily for weeks to feel its adaptogenic effects.

How To Recycle

Cool the capsule. Carefully peel off the foil lid and remove the coffee grounds. Compost the grounds and recycle the capsule wherever #5 recyclables are accepted. Each 10-pack of pods is housed in a 75% post-consumer waste cardboard box, easily recycled wherever cardboard is accepted.

fight fatigue
experience sustained energy
stress less

Wake up to a better morning

expertly sourced
From farm to pod, our organic, fair-trade, single-origin Arabica coffee is meticulously grown on small-scale farms. Our Guatemala coffee thrives in Quetzaltenango, a renowned coffee-growing region. And our Colombia coffee is tended by growers from a farming cooperative in the coastal Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. The organic red ginseng flourishes in China’s pristine Changbai Mountains, where each root is sustainably hand-harvested and transformed into a high-tech, potent extract that consistently optimizes ginseng’s benefits.
colombia licensed
restore balance in your life
Our convenient solutions combine ancient herbal wisdom and modern technology to help you naturally power through your day and get more restorative sleep. And, like many things in life, they’re better together. Good Morning Sunshine’s adaptogenic ginseng bolsters the body’s sleep cycles and energy levels over time, while Hello Dreams gives you the sleep support you need in the here and now. Learn more
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