How to Get More Out of Your Coffee Ritual

How to Get More Out of Your Coffee Ritual

Like many Americans, you might find yourself stumbling into the kitchen for a cup of coffee to kickstart the day, only to crash hours later when the caffeine wears off. For many of us, coffee is a critical part of our daily lives, and it is hard to imagine a morning without the smell of beans brewing at home, the buzz of baristas prepping drinks at a café or the line at the coffee chain drive-through.

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans consume more coffee than ever before, 62% drink coffee every day, and on average, more than three cups a day. Everyone is in a hurry and using coffee as a quick solution to stay alert and keep going, but there are other ways to sustain energy. We sip from our to-go cups on our commute or down a quick espresso shot before an important meeting or presentation. Even working from home, people are getting up to refill their cups and power through conference calls and video meetings.



Instead of a quick fix, why not consider an option for long-term energy?

Make your Coffee Ritual Meaningful

Moderation in all things is a good daily mantra, and coffee is no exception. Constantly relying on caffeine for energy not only increases your tolerance, it can also lead to headaches and in some cases, an abnormal heartbeat. How can we get the same energy without flatlining later in the day, while also limiting caffeine intake as part of a healthy lifestyle?

With its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, red ginseng has been used as an energy tonic for centuries. It can benefit healthy brain functions such as memory, behavior, thinking skills and mood. And, as an adaptogen, the herb is also known to help manage stress levels*. Now, that’s a winning combination if you ask us!

While consuming caffeine alone can fuel your anxiety, combining it with organic red ginseng allows you to get the vital boost of energy, stay alert throughout the day and naturally feel more relaxed. The ancient herb works alongside caffeine to ramp up its effects and create a longer-lasting, impactful boost.

And while it’s easy to remember coffee, most people struggle to remember daily supplements and need creative ways to work them into routines. For example, ginseng users take the supplement through a capsule or add a powder to beverages to get their dosage. This adds a step to their routine, making it easy to forget or stay consistent. Adding organic red ginseng to your morning coffee – already a daily ritual – can be an effective way of getting it in your system.

At NuTraditions, we created our Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee to up the ante on any morning ritual. We infuse Fair TradeTM Certified coffee with organic red ginseng extract to give you sustained energy throughout the day. By combining centuries of herbal knowledge with modern technology, we came up with a way to infuse premium coffee roasts with organic red ginseng extract to work alongside caffeine and provide energy so that you don’t need refills throughout the day. The caffeine sparks energy and compliments the organic red ginseng to fight fatigue and support healthy energy levels. What does that mean for you? That long-term energy gets rid of that dreaded afternoon slump from the crash of morning caffeine.

Sip and Savor

Over time, one Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee Pod, infused with organic red ginseng extract, will give you the same sustained energy that you used to get from a pot of regular coffee with fewer caffeine jitters. We’re here to tell you: more coffee isn’t the answer – choosing the right one is. When you start your morning routine with one cup of Good Morning SunshineTM coffee, you’ll stress less, and power through the day naturally.


To control the exact amount of organic red ginseng in each serving, we put our Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee in easy-to-use, single serving, BPA-free pods that brew perfectly in most Keurig® coffee makers.

From farm to pod, our organic, Fair TradeTM Certified, single-origin Arabica coffee is meticulously grown on small-scale farms in Guatemala and Colombia. Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee comes in both flavors to suit your preference. Each single-serving pod contains an equal
amount of organic red ginseng extract, so you get the same energy boost in each cup any time you drink it. No need to brew another pot for a better boost.


Make Organic Red Ginseng Infused Coffee Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet, stress management practices and a good night’s sleep can all impact how you function, think, work and live more productively. The world is moving at such a fast pace, our instinct is to keep up and refuel with caffeine, without really considering what’s going into your body. Something as simple as changing what goes into your body is an easy way to get more out of your routine. Consider ways coffee impacts your stress and anxiety and how to combat it. Ginseng might just be the answer to reducing the jitters and getting the same results.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.