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NuTraditions combines ancient wisdom with modern convenience, by delivering time-tested herbs in easy-to-use products. Every sleep strip and coffee pod gives you all the self-care you crave (with none of the hassle).*

Founded by a busy parent who had grown overly reliant on coffee and missed the Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies of his grandmother, NuTraditions blends science and tradition to create products that honor that legacy.

Born in 1909, Dr. Bing Yin Lee was a trailblazing TCM practitioner and among the first licensed acupuncturists in California. Every product we make is rooted in the well-respected principles of TCM, while making it easier to live a happy, healthy life in the 21st century. Consider it instant gratification, a thousand years in the making.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability

For three generations, our family has been focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine and supplying high-quality Chinese herbal remedies and supplements worldwide. We have built our reputation for safety and efficacy. All the herbs and ingredients we use are extensively tested and sustainably grown.

Quality begins at the source, so we work directly with those growing and harvesting the ingredients. Our single-origin coffee beans are sourced from small-scale organic and Fair Trade farms and infused with organic red ginseng extract that is sustainably hand-harvested. Every ingredient has your well-being (and the planet's) in mind.

Ancient herbal wisdom for your modern life

Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about balance — and that’s the goal of our Daily Energy System. Our convenient, high-quality herbal products help you feel balanced and steady both day and night, no matter what you’re juggling in life.* Our Good Morning Sunshine™ coffee fights fatigue with more than just caffeine – using the adaptogenic (stress-balancing) benefits of red ginseng.*

Then wind down with Hello Dreams™ to get the rest you deserve, with more than melatonin.* Our Calm Down™ blend delivers time-tested herbs that support sleep.* Healthy sleep tonight means steady energy tomorrow — to invite the rest you need to keep the cycle going.*

We combine centuries of herbal wisdom with the latest high-tech delivery methods. Our Energy System is for busy people who value self-care but are short on time.

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