How to Boost Your Energy to Make the Most of Summer

How to Boost Your Energy to Make the Most of Summer

Summer is a season that feels full of potential. It’s a time when everything seems to be happening, and you want to be there for all of it. Trouble is, you’re a mere mortal, with a finite amount of energy each day (and a limited amount of PTO). So how can you boost energy to make the most of your summer, even when you’re a grown-up who still has to go to work and/or take care of tiny humans? Read on for our seven best tips to boost your energy.

1. Focus on balance.

The ultimate goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is maintaining your body’s equilibrium, so think about how you can maintain balance. This can, in turn, maintain steady energy levels. Think of it like this: When you’re out for a hike, bike or run, it’s easier to keep going for longer when you’re on flat ground rather than going up and down hills constantly. The same can apply to your energy. Keep steady and carry on, all day.

2. Get some rest.

Sleep might feel like the opposite of energy, but it’s the absolute best thing you can do to support your energy levels on a daily and ongoing basis. Your body catches up on its to-do list at night, making this a vital time for overall health. Just as you need to charge your devices so they can keep working properly, you also need to charge your own “batteries.”

If you need a little support, the easiest way is to keep Hello Dreams™ sleep strips with melatonin and Calm Down™ herbal blend close at hand when bedtime rolls around. Simply let one melt on your tongue (then swallow) as you drift off — then sleep deep and awake restored.*

3. Deal with your daily stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of the human experience (and one that can lead to sleep). But as with tidying up our homes, it’s best to manage stress as it happens. Stress is a scene-stealer, and it will get the attention it needs, one way or another. Dealing with stress on occasion can feel like an energy boost over time, since you’ve not let it get in the way of other things, like savoring all the joys of summer!

4. Do just one thing.

The human body is not designed to multitask, no matter how often we try to convince ourselves otherwise! Juggling more than one task divides the brain — and that takes energy. Doing one thing at a time, then doing the next one, can help you maintain steady energy.

5. Soak up the sun.

Spend time in the sun each day and see the dark sky in the evening. Exposure to natural light and darkness supports a healthy circadian rhythm (your sleep-wake cycle), which in turn can help support sleep. (And we’ve already gone over how helpful sleep can be for balanced, steady energy!)

6. Move your body.

You have to spend energy to make energy, at least when it comes to working out. That “runner’s high” or boost of feel-good hormones that happens after a workout does require an initial output of energy. Moving your body regularly — no matter what form of exercise you prefer — gives you a boost of energy! Exercise gets your blood pumping and boosts your oxygen, which can make you feel energized. If you need a quick burst during the day, get up and stretch or take a walk.

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