How to Improve Focus and Concentration in 2022

How to Improve Focus and Concentration in 2022

Oh, how we wish there were a way to have all the time and energy we needed to get through everything that life demands from us every day. Something is always — always! — left undone. But while we can’t offer you an extra hour (or five!) during the day, we can offer some tips for making the most of the hours you have. Read on to learn how to improve focus and concentration, so you feel like you’ve optimized every moment of your day.

1. Start with sleep.

A better tomorrow starts tonight — healthy sleep is a pillar of foundation wellness and essential for both focus and concentration. No matter the reason why, a fitful night of sleep will never set you up to be in peak form the next day.

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2. Then tackle occasional stress.*

Stress is hard-wired into us as humans. There’s no avoiding it! On those occasions when it pops up, stress is almost guaranteed to zap your focus and concentration.* After all, it’s your body’s internal warning system. Head it off at the pass by making adaptogens part of your daily routine. Our top pick? Ginseng, the King of Adaptogens! (Adaptogens are herbs that help your body naturally manage its stress response.*)

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3. Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking may feel like the way to achieve more things in a day, but your brain is actually a one-trick pony! According to research, the human brain has evolved to focus on one thing at a time. We “lack the architecture to perform two or more tasks simultaneously.” Whether it’s eating and driving or cooking dinner while taking a work call, your brain would prefer to do one thing at a time.

4. Write stuff down.

Pick up dry cleaning. Bring snacks to Thursday’s soccer practice. Email boss about the report due Friday. We all have a mental list of tasks we can’t risk forgetting. But when we keep them in our minds, they’re taking up valuable brain space we could devote to other things. Instead, write them down or put them in your online calendar (and set a reminder). Let technology help you!

5. Silence distractions (and notifications).

Do you ever notice the rush that accompanies a notification on your phone or smartwatch? Turns out, that little boost comes with a hidden cost, according to Bustle: Alerts shut off your prefrontal cortex (the part tasked with higher-level cognitive functions). Instead, your brain shifts into emergency mode. Keep your notifications off when you need to concentrate.

6. Location, location, location.

Remote work is wonderful, but not all workspaces are created equal. If you’re struggling to concentrate and focus on work, look around you. Coffee shops, the couch or the beach sound like ideal places to work, but sometimes they’re not. Find a quiet spot with few distractions to power through — so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

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7. Set a timer.

You are not a machine, friend! Science shows this. Working for up to 90 minutes, with breaks in between, is a better way to focus and concentrate. So, let go of “grind” mode, set a timer, get to work, then pause and take a break!

8. Schedule “me time.”

As with rest, you deserve fun, joy and whatever else you need to feel like a whole person! Work is necessary, but so is pleasure. In between those 90-minute work blocks, make time for small sparks of joy. Listen to a favorite song. Text a friend. Stretch or walk around the block. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back to work!

9. Scale back.

Life is relentless, and it can feel like doing anything less than 100% is not enough. But you’re a human being not a human doing! Consider this your permission slip to let some things wait until tomorrow (or go undone).

10. Make time to meditate.

Meditation can help boost focus, concentration and even brain structure. Small sessions are enough — so use one of those work breaks to search for a short meditation video (or download an app like Calm).

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