How to Keep Stress & Fatigue from Spoiling the Holidays

How to Keep Stress & Fatigue from Spoiling the Holidays

Supply chain issues. Seeing loved ones for the first time in a long while. Travel hiccups and delays. And then there’s all the extra planning, organizing, prepping, cooking and cleaning up. If the most wonderful time of the year has you feeling extra holiday stress (and fatigue), you’re not the only one. Balance is key to Traditional Chinese Medicine — and to life — but it can feel like a real challenge to maintain your equilibrium between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Read on for helpful tips aimed at reducing holiday stress and fatigue.

1. Allow plenty of time for travel.

More people are itching to hit the road this year, either for vacation or to visit loved ones. Whether you’re heading somewhere by plane, train or automobile, give yourself extra time to accommodate bigger crowds and more traffic. If you’re racing the clock to get home for Nana’s turkey and stuffing, it’ll make mountains of molehill-level delays and detours. When in doubt, pause, take a deep breath and laugh about it.

2. Stick to your routines.

Your body loves routines, and it especially loves routines that align with your internal body clock. Staying up too late, eating a lot more than usual, not drinking enough water and skipping workouts throws your schedule off-balance, which can add to the holiday stress. Whenever possible, keep up with healthy habits away from home — modifying them as needed. No fancy bike to ride at your parents’ house? Go for a run instead. Can’t find green juice anywhere in a 50-mile radius? Get in extra veggies at lunch and dinner. Staying with night owls? Aim for seven or more hours of shuteye, even if you’re up late.

3. Prioritize sleep, even away from home.

One of the hardest parts of “adulting” is only seeing our loved ones in short spurts. It’s only natural to want to soak up every moment together! But getting plenty of healthy sleep will let you truly enjoy your quality time. Staring up at the ceiling instead of sawing logs? Try these 11 things to help you rest better, starting tonight. Make sure you pack your fast-acting Hello Dreams™ sleep strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ herbal blend. Peel open the packet, place the strip on your tongue and let it melt, then swallow. Within about 10 minutes, you’ll be drifting off.*

4. Find healthy ways to celebrate.

How many of our holiday rituals revolve around drinking or rich foods? We’re definitely not suggesting you celebrate with salads and sparkling water, but do consider creating some other traditions. Maybe your friends or family could go caroling, take a pottery-painting class or walk a festive 5K (which also helps offset holiday stress) in addition to your usual parties.

5. Consider gift exchanges.

Pressure to spend money is a major holiday stressor. If you’re feeling the pinch and want to scale back, opt for a smaller, more intentional holiday season. Coupled with supply chain issues, the cost and time of shopping for all those gifts can take a toll. Suggest gift exchanges in place of individual presents for adults in your family. (And if you’re looking for gifts that can arrive in time, check out Hello Dreams™ sleep strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ herbal blend!)

6. Keep sugar and caffeine in check.

With so many extra tasks on our to-do lists, sugar and caffeine become quick fixes when we’re short on energy. Instead of turning to pots of coffee or cookies, fight fatigue with more than caffeine. Make Good Morning Sunshine™ coffee + adaptogens part of your holiday and daily routine. A combo of organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee and organic red ginseng extract, each pod helps you fight fatigue, experience sustained energy and stress less.* And since stress and immune health are connected, your immune system thanks you, too.

7. Ask for help if you need it.

Whether you’re worried about your mood, your bank account or both, you aren’t alone — this time of year is hard! Please reach out to a loved one or health care professional if you need help. This could be as simple as grabbing a few minutes with a sibling during a big family party, asking your kids to pitch in and help clean before a party or suggesting to your book club that they skip a gift exchange this year. Holiday stress affects everyone, so don’t be worried about speaking up and making life a little easier!


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