6 Simple Strategies to Reduce Occasional Anxiety Naturally*

6 Simple Strategies to Reduce Occasional Anxiety Naturally*

Occasional anxiety is part of your body’s natural stress cycle. You could compare it to a notification on your phone, pinging you and popping up when you’re in the presence of a danger or threat. While annoying and sometimes rudely intrusive (like that one friend who blows up the group chat on the regular), occasional anxiety is totally normal, similar to occasional stress.

While you can’t make it through life without experiencing those moments of anxiety, you can influence how you react to it. That’s why we’re sharing our best strategies and tips on how to reduce occasional anxiety naturally.

Find out how to keep your cool when you feel like you’re on the verge of freaking out.

1. Start your day out right.

We can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee, but overdoing it on caffeine is like pouring fuel on the fire when it comes to occasional anxiety. Enter Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee + Adaptogens, which gives you the energy to fight fatigue with more than just caffeine. We add a precise dose of organic red ginseng extract, a time-honored adaptogenic herb that (as the name suggests) helps you adapt to stress over time.* Your future self will thank you!

2. Chill out (literally).

While more large-scale research is needed, cold water or ice reportedly can help you calm down and chill out. The cold temps can constrict blood vessels and slow heart rate (and offer a welcome distraction). Try these five ways to use ice for moments of anxiety.

3. Take a deep breath.

Breathing from the diaphragm (aka “belly breathing”) has a number of benefits, including helping your body tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. This “rest-and-digest” response helps keep you calm and centered, so when you feel emotions rise, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Repeat as needed. Bonus: Inhale some lavender, which is a calming scent.

4. Drink some water.

Occasional anxiety and irritability are basically besties. Feeling irritated can be a sign of mild dehydration. Next time you start to feel a flare of emotions, reach for your water bottle. Sip as you simmer down.

man deep asleep with NuTraditions Hello Dreams sleep strips

5. Go to bed.

Anxious moments love to derail your plans for a good night’s sleep! But sleep is your superpower, delivering the energy you need to deal with occasional anxiety and everyday stress. Keep Hello Dreams™ Sleep Strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ herbal blend within reach. With a blend of herbs (and more than melatonin), each fast-acting strip helps you fall, stay asleep and even fall back to sleep.*

6. Count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

There’s a grounding technique that’s commonly used to help manage anxious moments. The idea is that it gets you out of your mind and back into your body. Here’s how the 5-4-3-2-1 technique works:

  • 5: What five things can you see? Ex: desk, chair, laptop, pen, planner.
  • 4: What four things can you touch? Ex: your hair, the desk, the chair cushion under you, the floor under your feet.
  • 3: What three things can you hear? Ex: the hum of the air conditioner, the copy machine in the next room, co-workers talking.
  • 2: What two things can you smell? Ex: Someone’s lunch and the flowers on your desk.
  • 1: What one thing can you taste? Ex: gum or coffee.

We hope these tips and strategies on how to reduce occasional anxiety naturally help you deal with your next rough day!*

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