How to Use the NuTraditions Energy System Away from Home

How to Use the NuTraditions Energy System Away from Home

As you know, routines are downright calming — and there’s plenty of research on the topic. Humans crave order and predictability. It’s why we love watching those color-coded pantry organization videos on Tiktok. It’s why we love our little daily rituals. And it’s, honestly, why we made our Energy System

Our founder is somewhat of a road warrior. As president of his family’s successful third-generation herbal business that supplies high-quality Chinese herbal remedies and supplements worldwide, he frequently visits suppliers, growers and customers around the world. He also travels to conferences and trade shows. He designed our system to work quickly, no matter whether you’re at home or away. 

The inspiration for NuTraditions came when he was a sleep-deprived new parent. As someone whose business and family legacy are Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wilson simply didn’t have the time to integrate herbs into his routine. He knew that, for this stage of his life, self-care had to be simplified or it wouldn’t happen. 

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Why the Energy System is (Almost) Effortless

That’s why Good Morning Sunshine™ delivers ginseng in a cup of coffee. As any coffee drinker knows, that ritual is something you’ll never give up! Plus, one of the best ways to automate a new habit (like taking ginseng) is by combining it with one that’s already second nature (your morning coffee). So, with the touch of a button, you get to savor a cup of really good coffee infused with a precise dose of organic red ginseng. 

Good Morning Sunshine coffee setup

And then at the end of the day, chances are pretty good that you have very little energy or interest in adding another task to your to-do list. Enter Hello Dreams™, our sleep strips that deliver both melatonin and six TCM herbs. When we were formulating these, Wilson wanted something that would let him fall asleep as quickly as possible after his little ones were out for the night. And he wanted something that was super easy to take. Taking a capsule or tablet means remembering to keep water by the bed — and risking a middle-of-the-night wake-up call. But our strips melt away, to let you drift to sleep quickly and stay asleep all night. 

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How to Make the Energy System Work for You Away from Home

One of the best and worst things about travel is that it gives you a break from your everyday life. That can certainly be beneficial — when you get a king-size bed all to yourself and don’t have to do chores or worry about cooking for a week. But changes in location can make it harder to keep up with routines and habits, at times when you might need those self-care rituals even more! Here are some ways that you can make our Energy System work for you when you’re away from home. 

  • Good Morning Sunshine works with most Keurig® K-Kup®-compatible brewers. Since those machines are so common at offices, in homes and in hotels, they can go wherever you do. Pack them in your carry-on or checked bag when you fly, and stash a few in your work bag. They’ll be ready at the touch of a button no matter where you savor your morning cup! 
  • No coffee machine? No problem. If you’re on the go without access to your usual machine, Good Morning Sunshine will work with an Aeropress. Simply peel off the foil lid and empty the contents of one pod into your Aeropress (make sure you use a filter). Add 8 ounces of freshly boiled water, and proceed as you normally would. 
Making coffee with an Aeropress, with a laptop on the table

Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

  • If you’re a remote worker heading to the office for the first time in awhile, take Good Morning Sunshine with you. Take just enough for you to make it through your in-person work days — or gift a box to your co-workers! 
  • Hello Dreams are already travel-friendly, so all you have to do is remember to pack them. Tuck the cardboard packet into your toiletries kit or your carry-on. Then once you get to your destination, stash them next to your bed as usual. You’ll be extra-grateful to have sleep support when you’re in an unfamiliar spot. 
  • Since the packets are so thin, you could even tuck a couple into your wallet. That’s a helpful way to keep them on hand for long flights or short trips! 
Hello Dreams with all the herbs it contains

We hope that you find the Energy System as easy to use as we do. Have a life hack that makes using Good Morning Sunshine™ or Hello Dreams™  even easier? Share it on social media and tag us! We love learning how our customers are maintaining their energy day to night — while waking up and falling asleep feeling their best!*

Main image: Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash