The 7 Productivity Tips and Tricks You Need in Your Life Right Now

The 7 Productivity Tips and Tricks You Need in Your Life Right Now

Have you seen the TikTok video going around where someone asks “what do you do for work?” The response is “my best.” So relatable, right? Whether you’re in school, working or both, life is… a lot at the moment. That’s why you need these seven productivity tips in your life right now.

Read on for our best hacks and tricks for tackling your never-ending to-do list when you feel like you can’t even get started.

1. Do less.

Trust us: This productivity tip is a game-changer. Whether you’re creating a slide deck or cramming for finals, less is more – and science backs this up. Researchers found that the best musicians work in 90-minute bursts, with short breaks in between. And, they tap out in under five hours a day, so follow their lead.

2. Caffeinate wisely

Caffeine is a nootropic, meaning it supports cognition while fighting fatigue. Too much caffeine can backfire, making you jittery. Instead, fight fatigue with more than just caffeine.* Brew a pod of Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee + Adaptogens, which combines Fair Trade, organic coffee with the adaptogenic (read: stress-busting!) benefits of organic red ginseng extract.* Bonus productivity tip: They’re ready at the touch of a button, too!

3. Set a timer.

If you lose track of time while taking breaks or working/studying, use your phone’s timer setting to help. Decide how long you want to focus – ideally for 60-90 minutes – then set a timer. Once it goes off, set another (shorter) one for your break time. Repeat this productivity tip as needed to avoid that dreaded feeling of “where did the day go?!”

4. Only fight the fires you need to fight.

Let the other fires burn. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (and who isn’t?), do only what’s necessary and leave the rest for another day. This won’t help you long-term, but it will help during extra-busy times, like when you need to study for an exam or prep for a pitch.

5. Stack the desk in your favor.

At the end of each day, set up “tomorrow you” for success. That means tidy your space, draft a to-do list and prep what you can. Your tomorrow self will thank you! This is a super simple productivity tip that also delivers a daily sense of accomplishment.

6. Create habits.

Habits are one of the best productivity tips! They require less willpower (aka self-control) than one-off or new tasks do. When possible, stick to a schedule – check email, then focus on one major task, break for lunch, etc. As you build habits, they will require less of your self-control. This allows you to devote that energy to more things.

7. Go to sleep.

You cannot perform your best if you’re exhausted. Adults need seven or more hours of solid sleep every night. Keep our Hello Dreams™ sleep strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ herbs on your nightstand. That Calm Down™ herbal blend makes all the difference (you want more than just melatonin for healthy sleep).* About 10 minutes before you plan to go to bed, slip one onto your tongue and feel the cool minty, herbal strip melt away as you drift off to sleep.

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