What's Ginseng? We Answer All Your Questions!

What's Ginseng? We Answer All Your Questions!

Are you looking for new ways to balance your stress, manage sleep and take on everything else life throws your way? We know it is not easy to find a product that works best for your needs when there are so many choices and lots of misinformation out there. Brands are always pitching new products, from drink powders to pills, gummy vitamins to shakes, and it’s hard to decipher what’s a trend and what truly can work. But, today, we’re here to tell you about one of our favorite herbs.

Ginseng has stood the test of time as a key herbal supplement. The ancient root is tried and trusted (interestingly enough, it’s one of the most studied herbs), backed by thousands of years of success stories. We believe this herb is so much more than just another wellness fad. It’s
often used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient wellness system focusing on balance, harmony and energy.*

For anyone new to the herb, here are the answers to your burning questions about ginseng: how it’s made, its key benefits and ways to add it to your routine. At NuTraditions, we are experts in ginseng and ancient Chinese wisdom, passed down through generations. If you’re seeking ways to manage your stress, sustain energy and live a more productive life, ginseng might just be the solution.

What is Ginseng?

Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer is an herb native to China, Korea and far eastern Siberia, most frequently used for its health benefits. When ginseng was discovered in the mountains of China thousands of years ago, people thought the plant was just food before quickly discovering it was so much more.

Ginseng’s use in China is recorded as early as 100 B.C.E., which proves it truly isn’t just another wellness trend of today. It was once so valued it was reserved only for royalty and commoners received punishments as severe as death if caught using the herb. Emperors were even willing to pay gold to reap ginseng’s benefits.

You shouldn’t confuse Chinese ginseng with American ginseng, or Panax Quinquefolius, a different variety that is often used in soft drinks or cosmetics. American ginseng is used by some to boost the immune system or as a stimulant.* It’s also believed American ginseng works as a relaxing agent, whereas the Asian variety can have invigorating properties.*

How is Ginseng Processed?

Chinese ginseng is classified as either red ginseng or white ginseng, depending on how it’s prepared. Red ginseng passes an additional treatment known as the Maillard method. What’s so special about this? The white roots are sorted and turn reddish and firm as they’re exposed
to hot air. The heat treatment destroys certain enzymes as the red ginseng dries, making red ginseng more costly and sought after.

At NuTraditions, we believe quality begins at the source, that’s why we pay close attention to how our herb is sourced. Our team works in accordance with Chinese Pharmacopoeia to sustainably grow our organic red ginseng in the Changbai Mountains where the herb flourishes. China, particularly the mountains, is ideal for ginseng thanks to its shady climate and soft soil. To boost the region’s biodiversity, NuTraditions, along with our partners, plant tens of thousands of trees of multiple varieties, including Larix legmelinii (Rupr.) pKuzen, Pinus okoraiensis Sieb, and Picea ekoraiensis Nakai. These trees are babies when we plant them and grow to a few feet tall over five years, the size of a small Christmas tree.

What Are Ginseng’s Key Benefits?

Where do we start with the benefits of ginseng? There are so many. To get started, here are just a few of our favorite reasons to add Organic Red Ginseng to your daily routine:

Ginseng is most commonly known for its antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits, studies also show red ginseng may help improve sleep quality, specifically time spent in the REM cycle – the deep sleep cycle that stimulates the brain through dreams and increases protein production.* Better sleep can mean less fatigue, and less fatigue can help you stress less, another benefit many people could probably use right now. Ginseng can also prevent stress-related physiological conditions, enhance mood and help keep thoughts clear.*

How Can I Easily Incorporate Organic Red Ginseng in My Routine?

Experts suggest one to three grams of raw red ginseng root per day for beginners. Because it’s an adaptogen, the effects aren’t instant and develop over time, taking approximately seven to 10 days, or more, depending on the person.

Our Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee Pods are a great way to add organic red ginseng to your daily ritual. Each coffee pod contains one gram of organic red ginseng extract, a little over three grams of organic red ginseng root, evenly distributed through coffee, ensuring more consistency in every cup when prepared in a Keurig® brewer. Since red ginseng gives an added boost of energy to the caffeine found in coffee, the drinker gets sustained energy throughout the day vs. just a quick hit of a caffeine buzz. Incorporating Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee into your wellness routine is a nice way to stress less, think better and be your best self.


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