7 Healthy Habits to Make Office Life More Enjoyable

7 Healthy Habits to Make Office Life More Enjoyable

Going back to office life soon? Follow these tips to make it more enjoyable, no matter how stressful your 9-to-5 might be some days. From coffee hacks to creativity boosts, this list is designed to help make going back to office life a little bit easier (and more enjoyable).

1. Find ways to tune out.

If you’ve been sharing your home workspace with kids and a partner (and pets), you’ve likely grown accustomed to their noise and routines. Readjusting to an office full of co-workers is going to take some time, whether yours is a chit-chatty group or a mostly silent one.

Finding ways to tune out the noise can help you focus and stay on task. If you have space and permission, you might consider a white noise machine or an air purifier that both cleans your office air and offers white noise. Or invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The over-the-ear kind sends a signal to co-workers that you’re working hard, so this might help limit interruptions.

2. Take a lunch break.

We get it: Even if you love your job, you likely don’t want to spend any more time at the office than is necessary. But taking a lunch break – even a short one – can both boost productivity and help you manage stress.

Eating away from your desk can help you be more mindful at mealtime, especially if you put down your phone. A 2019 survey found that most workers skip their lunch breaks, but that negatively impacts productivity and mental health. At the same time, workers said that taking a break made them feel more refreshed. As we head back to work and rethink how we want it to look, let’s make lunch and other breaks the new normal!

7 healthy habits to make office life more enjoyable

3. Get outside.

Whether you take five between Zooms (when will those slow down?) or make yours a walking meeting, getting outside is wonderful for your mood and creativity. A study from Stanford found that, compared with walking on a treadmill or sitting indoors, walking outside “opens up the free flow of ideas” even after participants were back at their desks.

Taking a quick walk can also help you free yourself from the feeling that you’re “cooped up” in an office after having more autonomy and privacy during your workday for so long. Next time a colleague asks you to help ideate on a project, suggest heading outside to get both your creative juices flowing!

4. Upgrade your coffee break.

Fans of Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee + Adaptogens have told us that they’re relieved that a return to the office won’t mean giving up their favorite way to fight fatigue with more than just caffeine. That’s because each pod of our organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee with organic red ginseng extract is compatible with the type of coffee machines commonly found in offices.

The caffeine in every rich, smooth cup gives you the energy you need to get going in the morning, while the adaptogenic benefits of ginseng help your mind and body adapt to stress over time.* When your colleagues inevitably smell your bright, nutty brew – and notice your morning mood – they might ask for a pod to try. You’re both in luck, since the both the 10-day and 30-day supplies are on sale right now. (And if you Subscribe & Save to make life easier for “future you,” you can save 10%!) It might be worth gifting a pod to your office manager or whoever decides which coffee to order for the team!

5. Take time to transition.

The shift to working from home was, for many of us, quick and drastic. One day we were putting on makeup, commuting to work and gathering around conference tables. The next day we were in athleisure, working from the couch and seeing our co-workers in boxes on our laptop screens.

Heading back to office life is most likely going to involve plenty of lead time, giving you time to make plans. Just like you did in school, slowly transition from your current schedule to your office one. That time you got back by not commuting might have meant extra sleep, so an earlier bedtime might be in order. Your getting-ready routine might have drastically changed, too, so find some ways to streamline that. Consider a “five-minute face” instead of your former routine, a lower-maintenance, no-iron wardrobe or even a “uniform.” And do a couple trial runs of your commute to refamiliarize yourself with the route.

6. Have a “tool kit” of comforting items.

Being away from the comforts of home might make those first few days feel a little stressful or chaotic. Before heading back to office life, pack up some of your favorite items to take with you. Try an essential oil or nice scented lotion (for after using hand sanitizer), or your favorite water bottle. Pack your favorite healthy snacks (stash some non-perishable ones in a drawer to ward off “hanger”) and your supply of Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee + Adaptogens pods.

7. A better tomorrow starts tonight.

No matter the work day brings, you need a good night’s sleep to tackle it head on. A better tomorrow starts tonight – make bedtime a priority and do your best to stick to a P.M. schedule. If the thought of going back to office life is interfering with your rest, read 11 Things to Try to (Finally) Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Our top pick for focusing on good sleep hygiene? Our fast-acting Hello Dreams™ sleep strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ herbal blend. Place one on your tongue about 10 minutes you want to drift off. Then let the refreshingly minty and herbal strip melt away – it’s formulated to help you sleep deep and awake restored.* Tomorrow is looking better already!

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