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It is a challenge to navigate through all the new wellness products hitting the market, it seems that every day there is a new brand, product or ingredient to choose from. While NuTraditions hasn’t been out for long, our beliefs and methods are rooted in a deep understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that goes back generations.

TCM was practiced thousands of years ago and is still popular today, there are generations of testimonials for different herbal supplements. While you might be aware of remedies such as cupping or acupuncture, it is so much more than that. TCM focuses on balance, like leading a healthy lifestyle and finding harmony in your health and wellbeing.

We want to tell our story rooted in TCM, what we do and where NuTraditions is headed.

founder of NuTraditions at ginseng harvest

Our founder, Wilson Lau, created NuTraditions® as a tribute to his grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee. Dr. Lee was an herbalist and practitioner from the famed Menghe Traditional Chinese Medicine lineage. She received her medical degree in 1935, at a time when women were expected to be homemakers, not doctors.

Dr. Bing Yin Lee brought decades of experience to the United States in 1974, when she moved to San Francisco’s Chinatown and along with her practice. In addition to his grandmother’s background, Wilson’s father also dedicated his life to TCM. Located in Oakland, Calif., the family owned Draline Tong Herbs, a renowned shop for health and wellness products, in particular its Chinese herbs.

family photo of founder of NuTraditions

“I grew up playing with herbs, drinking herbs and eating herbs. My life growing up was a non-stop discussion about herbs, herbal quality, and what we should take for what and why it was good for us,” says Wilson. With a family history in TCM and years of experience with herbal remedies, the idea for NuTraditions® was born.

“One morning it hit me. After another sleepless night with my newborn (now toddler), while brewing my second pour-over, I had an epiphany,” continues Wilson. “I realized there was a better way to start each day. If only I could infuse my grandmother’s herbal wisdom into my daily routine, I wouldn’t need so many darn cups of coffee to beat the fatigue and maintain my energy throughout the day. And that’s how NuTraditions® was born.”

Tapping into TCM philosophy, Wilson decided to integrate medicinal herbs into something that is a staple of our everyday life, coffee. By adding organic red ginseng to easy-to-use, single serving, BPA-free pods that brew perfectly in most Keurig® coffee makers, NuTraditions Good Morning SunshineTM gives you a daily dosage of herbs to kickstart the day.*

Ginseng is an adaptogen herb that has been associated with vitality, health, and thus longevity. It first appeared in documents in 206 AD. Over the years, due to its wonderful benefits, it earned its nickname the “King of Adaptogens.”* Red Ginseng, which is classified as a warming herb, can be extremely nourishing, can increase energy, and helps you stress less, all while supporting healthy vitality.* It has been used for centuries in Asia and is currently one of the most used herbs for health and wellness.

photo of ginseng in harvest

“Our organic red ginseng extract is special because we adjust extraction parameters to account for the seasonal variations among harvests so that our extract consistently delivers the desired benefit,” says Wilson. “For ginseng to be effective, you need to take it regularly. We think the best way to do this is to incorporate it into your morning coffee ritual. By making it part of your daily experience, you’ll be taking the herb consistently, which is key for maximizing its benefits.”*

The commitment to traditional Chinese herbal farming starts with the harvest. If you are looking for products that are effective and positive for the environment, look no further.

family photo of the Lau family

Ancient Wisdom Now

“At NuTraditions®, we work with our partners to grow red ginseng organically, which is extremely important for this herb in particular,” says Lau. “Our ginseng grows for at least five years in the ground. If we grew it conventionally, it would require multi-year pesticide applications until harvest. By embracing the traditional organic growing methods, we know we are getting you the best red ginseng possible, helping you get the maximum benefits of this adaptogen herb.”

Our products are new, but there are thousands of years of practices and remedies passed down through generations that make NuTraditions what it is today. We approached sustaining energy by adding organic red ginseng to coffee with our Good Morning Sunshine™blend, now we are tackling restlessness with our Hello Dreams™ sleep strips.

Combining an herb used for that long with a drink consumed in modern life, or creating an herbal blend to aid rest, are just an early look into our philosophy of bringing TCM into our times. With new products coming soon, we are continuing the legacy, bringing ancient methods that work into your everyday life by providing fast-acting ancient wisdom now.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.